JJ Ceramics


115.00 GBP
Cobridge Baluster Vase
A Cobridge stoneware baluster vase.
Stands approx 7" tall.
Has the feather date symbol to base denoting that this was produced 2003-2004
Has the usual imprinted Cobridge mark.
In the speckled red/brown and high fired.
In good condition
295.00 GBP
Cobridge Bottle Kiln vaseA Cobridge Stoneware vase depicting bottle kilns from the Cobridge area of Stoke-on-Trent.

Shape 292/8 and stands approx 8" tall.

Designed by Philip Gibson, and date coded with the apple.

Excellent condition and boxed.

60.00 GBP
Cobridge Bottle Vase
Cobridge bottle vase in light brown with hints of pink.
Has the usual Cobridge mark to base with the feather date symbol for 2003-4.
In good condition.
Stands approx 6" tall
115.00 GBP
Cobridge Double Gourd Vase
A Cobridge high fired double gourd vase in a speckled red/brown effect.
Stands approx 8" tall.
Has the feather date stamp to base denoting production of 2003-2004.
Has the usual imprinted Cobridge mark
In good condition
275.00 GBP
Cobridge Emerald Fire Vase
A High Fired Cobridge Stoneware Vase Emerald Fire
Stands approx 9.5" tall.
Has the usual Cobridge impint mark to base.
Glazes fired by Justin Emery.
Has the acorn date symbol denoting it was produced 2002-3
In excellent condition
68.00 GBP
Cobridge Hosta Vase
Cobridge Stoneware Hosta Vase.
Has the apple stamp to base denoting that it was produced in 1998 and one of the earliest vases to be produced.
Has also been initialled PH and TAB (Tracey Bentley) and has the ususal imprint mark for Cobridge
In good condition and stands approx 4.5" tall