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220.00 GBP
A Daum BowlA small 20th Century Daum bowl of circular form cased in clear crystal over a mottled orange ground with crushed gold foil inclusions, engraved signature, width 11cm. Verre de jade. Good condition.
450.00 GBP
A Daum Glass BowlAn art glass bowl with etched geometric designs, signed Daum Nancy France.

Stands approx 11.5" diameter and 4" high. Good condition.
80.00 GBP
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A Kralik Double Gourd VaseAn early 20th Century Kralik vase of double gourd form.

Decorated with deep purple petrol iridescent whiplash lines over an opaque opalescent ground.

Stands 10cm tall.

In good condition.
150.00 GBP
A Lalique Poissons (Fish) Bowl
A Lalique opalescent glass bowl decorated with fish.
Has the etched signature R Lalique.
Also has the rarer moulded mark in the centre of the bowl which was only used 1921-2.
Stands approx 9.25" diameter and approx 3.5" high
Some scratches in bowl and small crack - price reduced.
145.00 GBP
A Loetz pearlescent vase.

Stands approx 12cm tall and approx 13.5cm diameter.

Circa 1900.

Good condition
195.00 GBP
A Loetz rusticana bowlA small early 20th century bowl by Loetz.

Dimpled body and decorated in the rusticana pattern.

Green iridescent body.

Stands approx 6cm tall and approx 13cm diameter.

Good condition